Chris Knott Insurance was able to offer us full cover where others had refused"

My husband has had several medical conditions over the past few years and I had wanted to take him away on a special cruise with Cunard.

However, I had not been able to obtain insurance to cover his medical conditions.

I was very surprised when Chris Knott Insurance was able to offer us full cover where others had refused.

Mrs B, Wentworth.

Travel Insurance

Many pre-existing medical conditions can be covered at our standard rates.

That's right, a simple medical declaration means that pre-existing medical conditions needn't be a problem.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with your family or as part of a large group, we've got the policy for you.

Single Trip

If you only intend to travel once in the next 12 months, a single trip policy is the best option for you. Our single trip policies cover you up to age 79.

Annual Cover

However, if you're planning multiple trips, an annual policy is often more cost effective. Cover is available for travellers up to age 64.

And flexibility can usually be built-in to allow individual family members to take trips independently.

Group Travel

If you're organising travel for a group, ask us about Group Travel cover. Available for single or multi-trips, the benefits include discounted rates, flexibility of cover, one premium, one policy.

And again, for annual policies, individual group members can take trips independently.

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